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Local TOW: Pulling You Out of Trouble

If you are looking for reliable and professional towing in Brooklyn Park MN, then you are in luck. Local TOW offers its services to the City of Brooklyn Park towing. We provide a tow truck in Brooklyn Park for your towing needs.

Towing is the process of pulling a vehicle for rescue usually after an accident, breakdown or for impounding. However, it is not limited to land vehicles. In aviation, gliders are towed behind powered aircraft for leisure. The maritime industry also uses tug boats to tow giant seagoing cargo vessels to port. Car towing Brooklyn Park is offered by our company.

In principle, any vehicle with enough power can be used for towing. However, the tow truck is especially built with this purpose in mind. The first tow truck was invented in 1916 by Ernest Holmes Sr. from Chattanooga, Tennessee. The inspiration came when he was asked to recover a car from a creek using only simple tools and a few men. Since then, the tow truck has undergone constant refinement to better suit its job.

There are several types of tow trucks are in use today including tow truck Brooklyn Park.

A Boom is used when the vehicle in question cannot be backed up to. It is more ideal for recovering vehicles stuck in ditches and embankments. In belt lifts, chains are wrapped around the axle which is turn pulled up by a boom to allow the vehicle to be towed on its other axle. This option is ideal for vehicles with missing wheels usually because of an accident.

Brooklyn Park towing also uses a wheel lift. This is an upgrade of the hook and chain technology which instead uses a metal yoke to raise the front or rear wheels for towing. A flatbed uses a hydraulically powered flat surface on the back of the truck for the vehicle to load onto. A self-loading tow truck integrates a boom and a wheel-lift into one. These are often used to repossess or move an illegally parked vehicle.

The above mentioned are the most common tow truck configurations. These are not however exclusive as some designs incorporate elements from other configurations.

Tow trucks Brooklyn Park are operated by private companies and businesses as well as highway patrol. Trucks are dispatched when a call is received from the dispatching center. Sometimes, vehicles can be impounded as provided by the law. A typical towing company Brooklyn Park has its own storage or impounds lot.

Car towing in Brooklyn Park is a service provided by Local TOW. Tow services Brooklyn Park includes pulling you out of a ditch, transporting your car to other locations and car repairs. Our services are available for a varied selection of vehicles including SUVs, minivans, pickup trucks, motorcycles and passenger cars. We provide excellent and unmatched services for whatever motoring needs you may need.

Local TOW is one of the best and most trustworthy towing companies Brooklyn Park. We combine our experience and expertise to provide you with exceptional services for towing Brooklyn Park MN.

Despite what some people may think Brooklyn Park City towing is not a simple task. It takes a lot of skill and careful planning to make a successful tow. There are several factors to consider. Weight, towing capacity and other traffic are just some of the things that should be on the list. A tow in Brooklyn Park can be dangerous if not done properly. Our company assures you that our personnel are the most qualified for the job. Safety is our main concern not only for you but your car as well.
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